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Committed to Excellence

At HCMG Consulting, we believe in being hands on with all of our clients.

As General Contractor and Construction Consultants, Henrique and Mario have overseen every aspect of quality control for large-scale developments, luxury residential home construction and remodeling, and commercial development not only in South Florida but across three continents.


Engaged & Involved

This deep involvement and familiarity enable HCMG Consulting to ensure quality craftsmanship at each step of the process, protecting your budget and your timeline.


Decades of Experience

HCMG Consulting brings decades of experience from managing construction projects to representing and advocating for you.

The HCMG team understands real estate owners’ needs and expectations and can help them meet these surpassing expectations.


Responsibility & Accountability


Craftsmanship of every detail

Executed with excellence and precision


Expenditures spent on value

And on quality and workmanship, and not wasted on short-cuts and misinterpretation


Budgets are scrutinized

And checked and tracked for accuracy


Schedules are monitored

To ensure project delivery is correct and on time


Representation and advocacy

On design, specifications and client’s needs, requests & requirements


Comprehensive financial oversight

To track every detail of costs



As consultants and licensed realtors we can help gather the information you need to make informed decisions.


Owner's Rep

As experieced former General Contractors and licensed realtors we can offer headache free construction process.





Friendly conflict resolution to avoid costly litigation.


Land Procurement

As licensed realtors we can help you find the right product for your project.


Construction Loan Management

Advise client on best options and provide cost control supervision.

Extensive Experience in Luxury Real Estate Construction

Luxury homes built in Miami-Dade

Luxury homes built in Coral Gables

Luxury condos built in Brazil & South Florida

Luxury homes built in Golden Beach

High-rise commercial buildings built

Enjoy a Flawless Real Estate Experience

Our Lifelong Passion = Your Ultimate Satisfaction

Let's talk about how we could devote 60+ years of experience in luxury real estate to complete a flawless project on your behalf.

No more stressful dealings with contractors, just total peace of mind knowing your property will get the best professional handling at every step of its construction!

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